When the standard Q-Check E-Disk range is unable to fulfill the specification needs, in terms of required design features, QCSS is able to delivery a custom designed butterfly valve. The custom designed products extend the size capability to valves as large as 120″ diameter and the pressure rating up through ANSI 2500#. Valves in wafer, lugged, flanged, double flanged and butt weld are all available. Special features including anti-cavitation / low noise trims, refractory lined. step-seat for improved shut-off capability, ceramic lined, etc. are part of the extensive design options.

A wide variety of actuator designs and styles are available to complement the specific needs of the custom range of butterfly valves, including pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, electric and manual.


  • Double acting spring cylinder.
  • Sizes from 25 to 600 square inch.
  • Fully field reversible without added parts.
  • Configured for both linear and rotary valve applications with commonality of many parts.


  • Supply pressure up to 150 psi.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Wide range of size and travel options.
  • Simple but rugged design
  • Fewer parts than an equivalent diaphragm.
  • Extremely easy to maintain.


  • Cylinder and piston, anodized aluminum.
  • Yoke, ductile iron.
  • Stem, 416 stainless steel.
  • O-Rings, Buna-N.
  • The above are standard materials of construction, these can be changed for compliance with specific specification needs.


  • Top-mounted handwheel, both push only and continuously connected options.
  • Side-mounted handwheel, continuously connected, declutchable design.
  • Limit stops to restrict either valve opening or closing.


  • In support of the valve and actuator performance, the Q-Check line of products carry an extensive range of accessories for the purpose of controlling, position indication, responding to signal changes and functioning in an upset condition.


  • Pneumatic single and double acting. Standard I/P single and double acting.
  • Smart single and double acting with HART, Foundation Fieldbus or DE protocols, with auto calibration feature. The units provide the option of both traditional direct valve mounting and remote (up to 60 feet away).


  • Continuously connected electronic position feedback (4-20 mA).
  • Mechanical limit switches or proximity switch to indicate a specific valve position. 


  • Adjustment of valve stroking time through the use of volume boosters, speed control needle valves and quick exhaust valves.


  • Trip valves, multi-functional solenoid valves, quick exhaust valves and other devices design to ensure correct operation under an upset condition.