Protected Seating Surfaces
The QuadroSphere™ trunnion ball valve protects its seats by minimizing fluid media velocity contacting upstream

seating surfaces during cycles. As the QuadroSphere™ closes, fluid media applies pressure to the upstream seat ring urging it against the ball’s upstream sealing lip for leakproof performance. Features on the ball rem


ove debris from the seats ensuring a clean, tight shut-off each time it cycles.


Lower Torque Requirements
The geometric shape of the ball greatly reduces ball-to-seat surface contact. This features creates less “drag” during cycles, requiring less torque to operate the QuadroSphere™.

Self-cleaning Features (See Flow Pattern Comparison)
Ordinary ball valves allow fluid media and debris to be trapped in the inner-body cavity. This can result in the accumulation of foreign debris around the ball that can result in damage to seating surfaces. As the QuadroSphere™ cycles, its unique geometric features allow foreign debris to be flushed from the inner-body cavity to prevent the accumulation of solid matter around the backside of the seat rings and bearings. Then, open or closed, once the ball engages the seats, line fluid cannot enter the inner-body cavity.

Seventy Percent Less Wear
Unlike ordinary ball valves, the QuadroSphere™ ball experiences a fraction of the drag across seating surfaces during cycles, reducing wear up to 70 percent and extending performance life. As the QuadroSphere™ cycles, flow is split into five channels (over, under, around the sides, and through the ball port), preventing localized, high velocity impingement upon the downstream seat as with ordinary ball valves.