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Taking Back the Flow

When it comes to Hydraulic circuits, they are known for having a source of power that is incredibly powerful in order to maintain the cycle time, thus negating the use of flow restrictors. Flow controls are known for generating heat, so because of this, it is best to look for other avenues of monitoring the speed of the accelerator. There are many types of flow-controls out there and various ways to use them. There is, of course, a fixed orifice, which is quite easy to use and they are low in price. The way they work is by having preset controls from the factory.

One cannot forget the needle valve which helps when monitoring fluid in both directions. This is especially useful using when trying to get as much done as possible. It works because of pressure compensation. There is also a method out there which allows you to have it flowing in one direction while having a control meter in the other direction. However, if you are using a hydraulic actuator, it is vital that you pay attention to the speed control with a pressure-compensated flow control. If you do not do this, the velocity will be affected in a major way.

The most common flow controls are: meter-in, meter-out, and bleed-off (also known as bypass). It is all about finding the right one that works for the particular situation. With the meter-in flow, this allows for it go down smooth and easy like a nice cold beer. Meter-out flow controls, on the other hand, help take care of the cylinder’s movement. With the bleed-off, they operate as as bypass flow controls. If there is any extra fluid that is getting in the way, it does just that, it gets rid of it, which is also known as bleeding it out.

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